Top 10 Countries offering Citizenship and Residency by Investment


Having travelled to many different countries and getting to know many nationalities from across the globe, I have always been interested on the different ways a person can benefit from having a second Passport. Therefore, I decided to conduct my own research to determine the 10 strongest passports in terms of Visa-free and Visa-on-arrival countries and which can be obtained through investment.

We at GlobalMigrate is the union of Global Citizens travelled to many different parts of the world and knowing people of different nationalities, we truly know and understand the benefit of having a dual citizenship. So, here we are writing from our experience and research the most beneficial passports in terms of visa on arrival and visa-free countries which you can get by investment.

10. Grenada

Grenadian Passport is certainly one of the most targeted Passports by investors who are looking for an easy and fast way to achieve the Citizenship and all benefits that come along with it. Grenadian citizens have visa-free access to 121 countries, investors are not required to live in the Island as there are no residency requirements, which means, you are eligible to apply immediately for citizenship. In fact, Caribbean Islands such as St. Kitts & Nevis, Dominica and St. Lucia do not have residency requirements, nor tax on worldwide income, and these benefits put these heavenly Islands into the spotlight for investors all over the globe. There are two (2) options to obtain the Grenada Citizenship, Cash donation to the National Transformation Found (NTF), or an Investment in Real State through one of the Government approved real state asset classes: freehold property with titled deed; hotel shares; fractional ownership or land.

Grenadian Passport is one of the most favourite passports of investors who are seeking for fast and easy citizenship and for huge list benefits coming with it. Grenadian Passport holders can travel visa-free to 121 countries, there is no requirement of personal residence to obtain the citizenship.

1. United Kingdom

With a total of 175 Visa-free countries and few Visa-on-arrival countries, including Commonwealth States, the British Passport is considered as the favorite. United Kingdom is also part of the European Union, therefore the British Passport will give you freedom to live, work and study anywhere in its 28 member states without the need of going through a VISA application process. Additionally, the “World Tourism Organization” published a report back in January 2016 ranking the British Passport #1 in the world in terms of travel freedom. If you are attracted by big cosmopolitan cities, but also enjoy the history and heritage of a Country, the UK is certainly your top destination to obtain a Passport.

2. Spain

Spanish Passport grants Visa-free or Visa-on-arrival access to 175 countries. Due to its geographical position, Spain offers an advantage when it comes to effective business set-up or activities all across Europe. Acquiring the Spanish residency and Passport allows foreign investors to travel directly from their country of origin to any Schenguen country. You should also consider the Real State prices which are currently at their lowest, and the fact that Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations, should you wish to rent your property out. The European Residency is given in 2-3 months and the Citizenship can be obtained after ten (10) years.

3. Portugal

Portuguese Passport allows Visa-free or Visa-on-arrival access to 172 countries and territories; Portugal also has a Permanent Residency programme. Once you obtain the Portuguese residency, you will have not only total freedom to move in the Schenguen countries, but also you can achieve the EU Residency in 45 days and the citizenship after 6 years and there is no need to renounce your current citizenship. The Passport can be achieved through investment in fixed deposit, Real Estate or a Business. You just need to visit Portugal for 1 week a year for 5 years to fullfill residency requirement.

4. Greece

Citizens owning a Greek Passport have Visa-free access to 171 countries, ranking this Passport as one of the best in the world. If you are a history and art lover then this is the country to be. As seen with previous Passports, you can travel directly from your country of origin to any Schenguen country. There is no need to reside in the country and you can obtain the European Residency in 2 – 3 months, however, it is necessary to live for up to seven (7) years to become eligible for Passport and therefore, the citizenship. Investors can apply for Permanent Residency starting 250.000 Euros.

5. Malta

Having the Maltese Passport will allow you to access to 168 Visa-free or Visa-on-arrival countries. Malta is well-respected and stable EU country with a high standard of living. The country has a very low income tax and it is an excelllent banking centre with presence of major international Banks. In comparisson with other EU Passports, where it is required to live for up to 6 years to obtain the citizenship, in Malta you need to reside only for twelve (12) months and you are eligible to apply inmediatly for residency; this also turns Maltese Passports into the top Passports on earth. You can apply to Malta Citizenship from 1.2 million Euros.

6. Hungary

Owning the Hungarian Passport will give you access to 167 Visa-free countries. Its Capital Budapest, is also one of Europe´s largest, most beautiful and historic cities. There is a personal income tax set, although all other income outside is not taxable. Hungary has Permanent Residency program which will allow you to obtain a new nationality and a second Passport simply and quickly. Hungary offers both temporary and permanent residency to its investors through a Government approved bond investment program. In both programmes there is no need to reside in the country to apply for the residency, and investors are eligible to apply after 3 months for temporary residency and six months for permanent residency. The freedom to travel across the Schenguen Zone (28 member countries) is also one of its main strengths.

7. Cyprus

Cypriot Passport grants access to 159 Visa-free countries. Once you obtain the Cypriot residency, the procedure to obtain European Citizenship and EU Passport takes up to 3 months and then you become a citizen of the EU, along with all its befenits such as freedom to study in schools or Universities in any EU country. It is also well known that Cypriot Passports are one of the most wanted in the world due to the short timeframe investors need to wait to achieve the Citizenship. There is no foreign income tax so Cyprus is a very attractive and strong destination. Investors can apply to citizenship starting 500.000 Euros.

8. Bulgaria

Bulgarian Passport allows Visa-free or Visa-on-arrival access to 153 countries. It is a country with a rich and diverse culture, and the cost of living is cheaper than Western European Countries. The process to achieve Residency may take six to nine months, and the citizenship can be obtained within two (2) years with special exemption from physical residence enforced with legislation. There are two (2) investment options to obtain the Bulgarian Passport, the first one is a Governmental Bond Portfolio for an investment period of 5 years. At the end of this period, the full amount is returned to the investors. This investment option is known as “Refundable Bond”. The second option to obtain this Passport is through a “Finantial Investment”. Investors can also apply to speed up their citizenship by doubling their investment amount. Bulgarian citizenship can be obtained from 511.000 Euros.

9. Antigua & Barbuda

Located in the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda is a tropical country which allows its Passport holders Visa-free or Visa-on-arrival access to 134 countries. There are no taxes on worldwide income and you do not need to renounce your current citizenship. Antigua & Barduda Passport offers Visa-free access to Canada, Schenguen States, UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong and most British Commonwealth member countries. Passport can be obtained through Cash donation to the National Development Fund (NDF) or through investment in Real Estate, freehold property with title deed, hotel shares and fractional ownership or land. A&B Citizenship can be obtained from US $ 200.000.



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