While investing in economic citizenships, the most important concern for people is getting involved in scams and frauds. Wrong help can really hurt! That’s why we have come up with some important things for all the immigration aspirants and our future clients who prefer a second passport program.

Our experts have pointed out some important tips to avoid scams through fake Citizenship offers through investment rather than naturalization, which is a lengthy process or a residency permit which comes with expiry. Read on also to know about legitimate passport programs!

First of all, you need to know that there are only a handful of countries in the Caribbean which offer citizenship programs by investment and these are – Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada and St. Lucia, and Cyprus among European countries.

The Legitimacy of the Citizenship by Investment Programs!

Citizenship by investment scams and frauds
Citizenship by investment scams and frauds

These Caribbean countries have assimilated their citizenship by investment programs in their Constitution through various Acts and Section which are regularly amended as per the migration dynamics and trends. The constitution not only protects the rights given to the new citizens but also describes the entire process including, requirements and conditions and advantages for the applicants.

As such, the grant of citizenship is irrevocable even if the current government and/or their policies change. The constitution ensures the citizenship status is for life and can even be passed on to the descendants of the applicants.

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Tools to Avoid Scammers

  •  It may sound too silly, but before opting for a legitimate citizenship by investing, first check if that country actually offers a citizenship by investment scheme.
  •  Empower yourself by making use of online educational resources regarding all your immigration matters including citizenship by Investment programs.
  •  Ask for the copies of Constitutional Acts that contain information about the government’s policies regarding economic citizenship of your chosen country.
  •  The official websites of the country specific Citizenship by Investment programs have ample information for the investor immigrants. Do read all necessary details.
  • It is best to choose your consultants or attorney only from the list of representatives working for the Governments’ Citizenship by Investment units.
Invest in second citizenship
Invest in second citizenship

Only the recognized agencies are authorized to give you legal advice on immigration matters and help you with second passport through investment. In fact, they will assess your portfolio and help you select the best scheme and mode, best suited to you and your family’s requirements and needs.

Tips to Avoid Second Passport Scams-

These pointers you must keep in mind before applying not only for economic citizenship offers, but any legal matter. There you go!

  • Never sign anything you do not understand.
  • Never sign any blank form or any application with false information.
  • Keep copies of every document that you submit.
  • Never let anyone keep your original documents such as your passport, birth certificate and the likes.
  • Ask for the cost of submitting application for second passport
  • Never pay for a blank government form.

Repeating for emphasis – Never ever pay for any blank form, nor sign any!

Procedure and Requirements

Those flashy discounts and offers that promise to provide you a citizenship within weeks are well and sound simply too good to be true, are fake! Even the quickest of the quick citizenship by investment programs takes at least 3 months for an applicant to get a citizenship. The set procedure for the application includes providing authentic documents ie,-

  • birth certificate,
  • police clearance,
  • proof of residence,
  • bank statements,

Each applicant also has to undergo a due diligence check and prove that he has a clean source of funds.

This process takes between 3-6 months. So any website or agency which claims to get you a second passport within a lesser duration or with no such documents or anything fishy, avoid those, or best, report them!

Which are the Safest Countries to Buy a Second Passport From?

Many of the Caribbean countries mentioned above which are selling their citizenship programs have a long functioning citizenship by investment programs and are fairly popular as well. In fact, Saint Kitts and Nevis is the first one to pioneer its citizenship by investment program in 1984.

The visa-free access to Schengen States has led to positive results in the success of these schemes which have potentially raised the value of these countries’ passports. The popularity of the sale of the second passports from these countries largely owes to the fact that their citizenship schemes are fairly transparent and accountable.

The Role of Agents!!

The Citizenship by Investment programs require the investors to apply through authorized agents and marketers. Many people do offer help in immigration services, but not all are always authorized. And that is why most people distrust agents, which technically speaking is a good thing! As a smart investor, you need to first of all be vigilant while picking up any agency that promises to help you get your second passport. It’s important to verify the legitimacy of the agency or company you chose for your second passport needs.

Make sure the agent you chose is an authorized representative of the government. In fact, all the official Government Citizenship by Investment websites have a list of the licensed agents, you can select your agent from there.


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