Citizenship by investment scams

How to Escape Citizenship Frauds and Scams?

While investing in economic citizenships, the most important concern for people is getting involved in scams and frauds. Wrong help can really hurt! That’s...




Karmapa Lama visits Queen's Park

Karmapa’s Caribbean citizenship cost him Indian recognition

Sources say India never recognised Ogyen Trinley Dorji as the 17th Karmapa, the head of one of Tibetan Buddhism’s four main schools.
Spelling Mistake Can Ruin Family In India

Spelling Mistake Can Ruin Family In India

Based on the news published in Al Arabiya, Riyazul Islam says he had to produce family documents going...
Mehul Choksi-Global-Migrate-Magazine

High net-worth Indians follow Mehul Choksi’s footsteps to acquire second passport; St Kitts, St...

Ever since fugitive diamantaire and bank-fraud accused Mehul Choksi, allegedly involved in over $2 billion scam in the Punjab and National...




Countries With Best Migration Plans For Indian Immigrants

Countries With Best Migration Plans For Indian Immigrants

India is a breeding ground for its software professionals and with increasing demand for such skills around the world. A large part of our...

Caribbean Countries Attracting Indian Citizens with Citizenship by Investment Opportunities

Days are not far when cricket will not be the only connection of Indian citizens with the Caribbean Countries. Various islands of Caribbean such...
Strongest Passport In the world

Henley Passport Index: Germany secures the top spot in the 2018

Germany holds on to 1st place on the Henley Passport Index for the fifth year running, with its citizens enjoying visa-free access to 177...


Second Passport

Invest in a Second Passport and Ensure Your Freedom

Gaining an additional citizenship and passport in a country which is both affluent and abides by the rule-of-law is not only cost effective but...