India is a breeding ground for its software professionals and with increasing demand for such skills around the world. A large part of our youth is ready to accept opportunities abroad. But the countries that accept Indian nationals as their own are making the process increasingly more difficult. With lengthy visa processing and arduous requirements and conditions to qualify for foreign citizenship, most of the people drop the idea even before filing the application.

Having said that, it’s in your interest to find countries and inquire about their citizenship plans and their benefits. We have compiled a unique list of countries other than the obvious ones, where you can invest your money to buy a citizenship and get the best returns on your money, that too for a lifetime! Let’s have a look.

Countries Indian Nationals should consider Migrating to-

  • Dominica

Dominica is among those Caribbean countries which grant you cheapest citizenship the fastest, in comparison to many others. No, it’s not worthless! The country is developing fast and is providing a fertile platform for new businesses and employment opportunities. With around 110 countries including the Schengen States in its visa free quota, Dominican passport gives you more freedom than your Indian passport does. Moreover, minimum taxation on worldwide income is another plus. While, a US passport accounts your income anywhere in the world and bleeds you for taxes!

  • Grenada

The ‘spice isle’ is known for its grandeur and beauty all over the world. Largely agrarian, the country invites immigrants from everywhere on the globe. With a onetime investment to get the citizenship by investment offer, you get a volley of benefits, minimum taxes on worldwide income and visa free travel to more than 110 countries including the Schengen States. Peaceful surroundings, social security and stable political environment and much more is to follow with a residency when your application is accepted!

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis

This dual island nation has beautiful vistas and breathtaking destinations with amazing tropical liveliness. This amazing island nation is a hub of tourists throughout the year and invites immigrants from everywhere as well. The country has adopted a citizenship by investment program with various options for immigrants to easily make their investment and buy a dual nationality in St Kitts and Nevis. Once a citizen, you can travel to more than 125 countries without visa.

  •  Saint Lucia

Another extremely beautiful Caribbean country which has its doors and arms open for immigrants from all over the world is Saint Lucia. St Lucian passport is attracts investors and immigrants from everywhere in the world for it’s not only a reasonably priced deal but is also a package of ample benefits. 110 countries including the EU Schengen states are included in the visa free list. The country has an exceptionally low crime rate, peaceful environment and political immunity. For those Indian nationals who are looking for better immigration must consider Saint Lucia as an important option.

  • Antigua and Barbuda

This Commonwealth nation has more beaches than you can count in a minute! With a budding economy the country is enthusiastic about investors as well as immigrant investors. Their citizenship by investment plan not only allows you keep your original passport but also avail with full benefits the Antiguan Passport. The immigration process is fairly simple with least glitches and hassles. A onetime investment, with practically no residency requirement before or after the acquiring of nationality, this one is tailor-made destination for Indians.  Antigua and Barbuda allows visa free travel to 130 countries to the citizens

  •    Cyprus

Evidently, Cyprus is not a Caribbean but a Mediterranean country. It is an amazing destination for those looking for a new second passport. The citizenship plan of this county gives you a lot of freedom in terms of which investment mode to chose. Also, after getting the Cypriot citizenship, you get more global fluidity as compared to many favored country. With more than 159 countries in its visa free travel list, the Cypriot passport also gives you access to many EU and Schengen states without the hassle of obtaining visa. Cyprus is also a UNESCO world heritage site. It has ample educational institutes and umpteen employment opportunities for its citizens as well as for immigrants.

If the reasons enlisted above are not enough to convince you, then, read on for more tempting information. There are a few things to consider before you take a leap.

Key Pointers!

  • You can make a onetime investment and be a lifetime citizens of any of these countries. The citizenship can be passed on to your descendants.
  • You can have two passports at one time. Dual citizenship is a thing for real giving you greater freedom of choice!
  • Quick citizenship grants with no residency requirement before or after acquiring the citizenship.
  • All these countries allow visa free travel to more than a hundred countries including EU Schengen state.  



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