Citizenship by investment scams
Citizenship by investment scams

Moving to another country is not that difficult as one may think. Commonly, better quality of life and job opportunities are the motivators that drive people to settle abroad. Economic or political crisis are other major reasons for many people to not only seek living abroad, but also migrate permanently. While some countries are making it increasingly difficult for immigrants, some are welcoming them with open arms and of course easier and faster immigration processes.

The top countries that love hosting Pakistani immigrants are Canada, Australia, UAE, UK, New Zealand, USA and Brazil. No doubt, there are a bundle of facilities with satisfying quality of life and financial security that attracts immigrants to these countries. But what people don’t immediately realize is that the cost of buying a citizenship in these countries is a hell lot expensive, plus the hassle and difficulties at every step!

Most of the websites will list the best countries you should migrate to but won’t tell you which one is best suited to your means. But here, we are going to give you a list of the second best countries which love hosting immigrants from anywhere in the world with least as their qualifying conditions. Also, these lesser known countries are more in demand simply for their untapped economic platform, booming tourism sector hence, plethora of employment and businesses opportunities.

Easiest Countries Pakistani Immigrants Can Move To

If you have decided on moving abroad, our list may bring out the next best options for you, take a look-


This Caribbean country is a nature’s paradise with amazing waterfalls, hot springs and lush mountains. The Dominican government is eager to invite interested immigrants from all over the world with their uniquely designed citizenship programs. Dominican passport will give you a lot of freedom with a coveted list of more than 110 countries you can travel visa free. The country is game for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Un-burdensome taxing, employment opportunity, social security, education and an amazing quality of life await you in Dominica.

Saint Lucia:

Saint Lucia is a tropical country located in the Caribbean with sandy beaches and beautiful landscape. The expanding economy of this country is willing to host immigrants from anywhere in the world with its citizenship program. With more than a 110 countries included in its visa free list, St Lucian passport is attracting investors from all over the world. The country is not only beautiful but a peaceful one with an exceptional quality of life and a very low crime rate. Saint Lucia is one important destination choice for those looking for better immigration options. 

Saint Kitts & Nevis:

This twin island country is a preferred destination has been attracting tourists with virgin beaches and splendid view. The country welcomes tourists, visitors, and immigrants all with open arms. This young nation is developing fast and becoming a host for those looking for better employment and business opportunities and a stable political and social life.  St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship gives you an added advantage of travelling to more than 125 countries visa free. Now that’s value for a new passport, is it not!

Antigua & Barbuda:

This beautiful country boasts of having more beaches than there are days in a year! This Commonwealth nation is just majestic in splendor. They offer citizenship to interested people of all nationalities and do not require one to abandon ones original nationality. The country is a hot hub for tourism and hospitality industry. Antigua and Barbuda grants a visa free travel to about 130 countries to its citizens


Known also as the spice island, Grenada is cluster of 7 islands and is largely an agricultural nation. There is ample room for foreign nationals to settle and make a living with peaceful and amiable surroundings. The country invites immigrants from all over the globe and has minimal taxing for new citizens as well.

These are the most important major Caribbean countries that promise greater returns on a second passport or new residency for immigrants. But the list does not end here. We have one more out of the league destination for you-


Cyprus is one exotic Mediterranean country which is also a UNESCO world heritage site for its historic and mythical past. It’s a beautiful country with an inviting immigration and residency program for interested people of all nationalities. The Cypriot government has reduced the citizenship fees for interested investors for its Citizenship by Investment Program. The country allows its citizens to travel visa free to more than 159 countries which is just another benefit. The country offers a dual citizenship, minimum tax and a breezy quality of life with amazing educational and employment opportunities to be availed. Cyprus citizenship program is a boon for those looking to migrate to other country!

Things to Keep in Mind!

  • You do not have to renounce your current citizenship in favor of ant of these countries’ passport.
  • Those looking for a quick solution can even buy their citizenships with no practical residency requirements either before or after the grant of citizenship.
  • Most of these countries have a list of countries and states to travel visa free including the EU Schengen states. You can check out the plan specific country details on their official countries’ immigration websites.
  • All of these countries allow dual citizenship and give you greater freedom of choice.



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